Let’s face it, playing drums is one of the coolest activities one can learn how to do! However, besides being a fun instrument, drums also have a fascinating history. Because not many know much about this topic, we have decided to make a short but interesting list of facts about drums.

Drums have quite a history

According to normans.com, drums are one of the oldest instruments out there. Although ancient drums looked very much different from the device that we know and love today, they were also made using a membrane that produced vibrations and sounds when touched.

One of the oldest drums ever discovered is the Alligator Drum, an instrument that, it is believed, was used during rituals. As scientists have indicated, people used to play the drums in 2300 BC!


Great exercise

Up to this day, drumming is considered one of the most stimulating types of training. If you play this instrument for a half an hour, you can burn more calories than you would do while hiking or cycling!

As a plus, you might want to know that people have actually created a type of workout that involves playing this instrument. This fun activity is called Drums Alive, and it has many happy followers. On top of that, it is said that playing drums as a recreational hobby can efficiently reduce the amount of stress and hormones one has to deal with.


New look

The first modern version of the drums as a kit was designed in the 1930’s. Up until then, in order to play the instrument, a band needed a mini-orchestra as it was impossible for one person to control all its components.

Also, while the average drum kit contains around five pieces such as a snare drum, a bass drum, a floor tom and two toms, the largest kit in the world has a total of 813 pieces. To put it together, it took Dr. Mark Temperato 36 years!

Going electric

Another exciting piece of info that you might not know is that the first electric drum was created in the 1970’s by Graeme Edge. At the time, Edge was a drummer for The Moody Blues. Although people considered this new version of the instrument quite appealing, The Moody Blues preferred playing on traditional drums.

Electrical drums were then utilized by other bands, and they are currently a must-have item in every recording studio all around the globe.

No matter what type of drums a band uses, it is a well-established fact that this instrument sets the rhythm of all songs one might play. Because of this, it is crucial that a band has a skillful drummer with a great sense of rhythm and excellent hand to eye coordination.